Flight Training

Ever dream about learning to fly?

Students: whether you are looking to start a career as a commercial pilot or you are an enthusiast looking to fulfill your dreams, Lincoln Skyways, Inc. can get you there!

If flying an airplane is your dream, stop dreaming and start flying! Take that important first step and find out what it takes to make this dream come true.

Add on rating:

The IFR rating is an add on rating to an existing pilot certificate. It removes the ‘bad weather’ and low visibility restrictions from your pilot certificate.

Becoming a private pilot is easier and more affordable than you may think. Located in Lincoln, CA, Lincoln Skyways, Inc. is a flight School located at Karl Harder Field/Lincoln Regional Airport. Lincoln Skyways, Inc has trained many pilots, and the time to learn to fly is now. You can travel for fun, business, family, or vacation. We offer all levels of flight training including private, instrument, commercial, certified flight instructor (CFI), CFII, and airline transport pilot. Our experienced FAA certified flight instructors and our rental aircraft have allowed us to become a flight training destination in California. We provide safe, affordable, and efficient pilot training. Come experience flight training at its best! We offer flight instruction, ground instruction, and aircraft rental. Learn to fly now!

Five Easy Steps to Getting Your Private Pilot License

1) Attend Our Ground School
2) Pass Your Written FAA Exam
3) Get Your FAA Medical
3) Fly With Our instructors
4) Pass an Oral Exam
5) Pass Your Check Ride